A Study of the Fecundity of Some Mormyrid Fishes from Lake Victoria

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Okedi, J.
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The need for a rational exploitation of the fish stocks in the Lake Victoria Basin has, during recent years, necessitated further investigation of the breeding potential of the species of commercial importance. Because of their greater commercial importance in East Africa, the fecundity of species belonging to the families Cichlidae and Cyprinidae is better known than that of the Mormyridae. Lowe (1955) has described the breeding potential of a number of Tilapia and Cadwalladr (1965) has published some notes on fecundity in the cyprinid fish, Labeo victorianus Boulenger.The only available reference to fecundity in the Mormyridae, is that of Nawar (1959b), who made some observations on Hyperopisus bebe Lacepede from the Nile. Although members of the Mormyridae at present make up a relatively small part of the total landings offish from Lake Victoria, the group is nevertheless becoming one of increasing commercial importance to the fishery of the affluent rivers, Okedi (1966).
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXV (No 4), p. 436-442