A Major Cereals Project to Improve Maize, Sorghum Millet Production in Africa

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Sprague, G.F.
Eberhart, S.A.
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The objectives of this project, initiated in 1963, were 1) to increase cereal production in Africa through co· operation with and support of research organizations in Nigeria, Kenya, and t:/ganda, 2) to stimulate and sponsor cooperative research ill all aspects of cereal production throughout the area, and 3) to provide in·service training at the headquarters stations to individuals sponsored by their governments. This integrated program included plant breeders, entomol,gists, pathologists, and cereal tech· nologists to develop new high.yielding, disease and insect resistant varieties with inqeased food values, agronomists to develop a package of r~ommended cultural practices to exploit the potential of the new varieties, and research· extension liaison officers to help extension personnel to reach the local farmers with the new varieties and recom· mended agronomic practices. Encouragement and as· sistance were given to cooperating agencies and companies for seed production, the development of marketing systems, and the utilization of the excess production. Kenya has been greatly increasing its maize production, and other African countries are moving forward.
Agronomy Journal, 65, p. 365-373