KARI NARP June 30 1997

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
The goal of phase II remains the same as the original goal of the project: to increase Kenya's national food security through increased agricultural productivity especially in the smallholder sector. A point of clarification may be in order, however, regarding this goal. The concept of food security is used in the broader sense of households being able to secure 'adequate supplies of food either through their own production, income producing activities or a combination of the two. Thus, food security is in contrast with the concept of food self-sufficiency where all food is expected to be produced locally and encourages the production of those goods for which an area has a comparative advantage. It is assumed that if commodities are produced for export with the result that internal food production is insufficient to meet the demand for food, then a portion of the foreign exchange earnings will be used to import the required food . It is implicit in this goal statement that Kenyans will have adequate supplies of food while maximizing the productivity of their resources.