Opening Speech By The Minister For Agriculture And Rural Development

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Animal Production Society of Kenya
Animal Production Society of Kenya I am happy to be with you today to officially open the 2001 annual symposium on ''The Challenge of Drought to Livestock Production in Kenya". Your choice of the theme could not have come at a better time than now. You are all aware of the difficult period we have gone through in the last two years, experiencing one the worst droughts in recent times. The effects of the drought were not only severe in ASALs but also in the Central part of Kenya where droughts are rare. The effects were so severe that the power sector was almost brought to its knees. You all recall the power rationing affecting most parts of our republic which was only lifted recently. For those living out city of Nairobi, you can recall seeing Maasai cattle scavenging in the central business district, something that has not happed in the past. It is therefore an opportune time and appropriate that members of the Society have organised this symposium to address the challenges of drought to livestock production in Kenya.