Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletin September 1965

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For the purposes of this paper, quality is given under three headings- good, average,and poor. Table 1 gives, wherever possible, the estimated divisions of the liquorer's descriptions under these three headings.These divisions were based upon a comparison of each description with the final overall quality attained by the coffee samples. The appearance of the centre-cut of the roasted bean is one of the factors described by the liquorer but has been omitted from Table I, because the centre-cut of the roasts of all bean samples received were described as "normal". It will be seen from Table 1 that some of the descriptions on the liquoring report are given under subheadings entitled " quality". To avoid confusion, inverted commas will be used throughout in this paper whenever the word "quality" refers only to these Sub-headings. In 1963,the overall qualities given to "A" grade beans ranged from Class 1 for the highest quality down to Class 10 for the lowest.Table 1 is therefore only applicable to the liquoring report issued in that year for this grade of bean as at the end of' 1963 a revised report was introduced.
Monthly Bulletin, pp. 365-420