Striga in the eastern and central Mrican countries:a literature review

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Ministry Of Agricuture
Striga is considered one of the most serious pests that affect food production in the tropics. Serious problems with striga were reported as far back as the beginning of this century (Doggett 1965, Richard and others 1982). However, it has not been until the last 20 or 30 years that striga has become an important pest in Africa. In West Africa, striga infests on average about 48% of the grain fields, causing an average yield loss of about 24% (Sauerborn 1991). In East Africa the parasite is a serious pest that threatens subsistence cereal production. Yield losses are estimated to range between 65 and 100% (Andrews 1945, Basinski 1955, Bebawi and Farah 1981, Ejeta and others 1993, Doggett 1965, Obilana and Ramaiah 1988, Lagoke and others 1991). Striga has recently been reported to extend to areas where it had not previously been present (Sherif and others 1987, Fasil Reda and Parker 1994, Bonzi and Habyalimana 1994, Anota 1994, Orodho and Kiriro 1994, Mbwaga 1994, FAO 1994, Frost 1994, Sherif and Mulatu 1992).