Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletins May 1938

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We publish below the usual monthly table showing movements of coffee through the Express Transport Company's warehouse, in respect of the period 31'd April to 1st _May, 1938, inclusive. It should be emphasized that the stock figures shown below are not representative only of unsold coffee, but cover both coffee unsold and coffee that has been sold and awaits shipment by the buyers; the stock figure is the amount of coffee lying in the Express Transport Co. 's Warehouse, respective of ownership. Similarly, the figures of local sales represent only coffee of which the buyers have actually taken delivery and make no allowance for coffee that has been bought but not yet collected by the buyer. Tile stock figure of 8,840 bags shewn below is divided approximately as follows: Held for buyers Accont-7,200 bags; held for Sellers' Account (i.(·. Planters' unsold coffee)--1,600 hags. In connection with the issues to London, it should be remembered that the majority of the crop shipped to London does not enter the warehouse at all but is sent direct from mills to steamers.
Bulletin, IV (41), pp. 77-82