East Coast Fever: The Infectivity for Cattle of Infective Particles of Theileria Parva Harvested In Various Substrates

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Cunnigham, M. P.
Brown, C. G. D.
Burridge, M. J.
Joyner, L. P.
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CUNNINGHAM M. P., BROWN C. G. D., BURRIDGE M. J., JOYNER L. P. and PURNELL R. E. 1973. East Coast fever: the infectivity for cattle of infective particles of Theileriaparva harvested in various substrates. International Journal for Parasitology 3: 335-338. Female Rhipicephalus appendiculatus ticks infected with Theileria parva were pre-fed on rabbits for 4 days before being removed and restrained on 'plasticine'. They were then fed for 2-h periods on capillary tubes containing various substrates, the contents of which were subsequently inoculated into East Coast fever-susceptible cattle. Using this technique, precolostral calf serum and Eagle's Minimum Essential Medium, with the addition of Bovine Albumin Powder, were selected as Substrates suitable for further laboratory investigation on East Coast fever as they were acceptable to the ticks and supported the viability of the parasites. INDEX KEY WORDS: East Coast fever; cattle; Theileria parva; ticks; Rhipicephalus appendiculatus; precolostral calf serum; Eagle's Minimum Essential Medium.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 3, p. 335-338