Notes on Cotton Breeding in Uganda

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Nye G.W
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In conclusion, it may be of interest to control. Mycological, entomological and record the details of some of the most botanical observations are made when, promising strains we have selected out. ever possible; distance rendering more Some of the most promising in the than two annual visits rather out of the Eastern Province are derivatives from question. At each centre a native obser, U+4.2, the original seed of which was ver is stationed, who is in charge of the kindly supplied by Mr. Parnell from trial, and who takes rainfall and other South Africa. Unfortunately, the general meteorological observations. These ob, lint character of most of these selections servers are now being trained to make is below our standard, but in every other simple observations for Blackarm, Jassid respect they represent an enormous im, and Lygus attacks. The results from provealent over the Nyasaland type. these district trials are very valuable, as There is no doubt whatwever that if the they supply information as to the be' question of maintaining our quality was haviour of new varieties under diverse not so essential we could obtain an in, soil and climatic conditions. Naturally, crease in yield of at least 50 per Cent.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 1, p. 44-49