Problems of Increasing Livestock Productivity In The Intensive Farming Areas of Uganda

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The present position as to livestock productivity in this country is well known to all here. The systems of cattle-keeping may vary in detail from district to district but in the main throughout the country cattle are completely divorced from the arable land and are looked upon by their owners as a bank from which cash can be drawn when required (by sales) and as a means of enabling their sons to marry. Under these conditions beef is in reality a product of a ranching system and, as such, returns of cash per acre of land utilized are extremely low. In certain areas, particularly in the environs of the larger towns of the Protectorate, a certain amount of milk is produced, but in most cases this milk is also a product of the grazing of common lands and swamps, and the cattle supplying the milk are not very often managed as a part of the man's farm or holding. However, where milk is produced the returns per acre of land utilized may well be greater than in the case of beef production.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 23, p. 167-171