Army Worm 1964/1965

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Although no infestations of larvae were reported until January 1965, they were more numerous and heavier than in any year since the great 1961 outbreak season. The 150 separate reported infestations are too numerous to tabulate individually, as was done Illst year, but a condensed list is given in Table 1, in which general areas are given rather than individual localities. A complete list is available in the report of the 11th Meeting of the Specialist Entomological and Insecticides Committee (Kampala, 8th-10th November 1965). Large outbreaks were not nearly as widespread as in 1961, but certain areas were badly affected, notabl the Arusha, Karatu, Rombo (Moshi) districts and parts of the Serengeti in Tanzania; the Nyanza and Kitale areas in Kenya, and also the Nairobi an Athi River area although damage was not important here; and parts of Ka amoja in Uganda.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, p. 160-171