Characterizing Ponded Infiltration in a Dry Cracked Clay Soil.

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Bouma, J.
Wosten, J. H. M.
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Ponded infiltration in a dry cracked clay soil was studied in large blocks of soil (upper surface area 1500 cm2, height 25-40 cm) using physical and morphological methods. Blocks were encased in gypsum. Physical measurements included: (1) infiltration rates into the block and into subsoil below the block during shallow ponding; (2) D~ relations of soil in the block; and (3) depth and degree of wetting in soil adjacent to the cracks. Cracks in the block were then filled with a gypsum slurry. Morphological measurements included Quantimet@ counts of the surface area (A) and the peripheral length (L) of the gypsum-filled cracks, using in situ drawings. Simulation of horizontal infiltration from the cracks, using D (II) - and!--values, yielded results that agreed well with in situ measurements, demonstrating the mutual compatibility of the morphological and physical methods.
Journal Of Hydrology, 69, p. 297-304