Gem-Monitoring Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Land Cover Changes in Lake Naivash Drainage Basin Kenya

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Kennedy O.W
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Kenya Soil Survey
Land cover is a fundamental variable that impacts on, and links many parts of, the global environment. Changes in land cover can have far-reaching ramifications at local, regional and global levels. Thus, patterns of land cover must be understood at a range of spatial and temporal scales with a view to characterizing and predicting the potential environmental impacts. This work focused on the dynamics of land cover change occurring within the Lake Naivasha drainage basin in Kenya. The area has undergone rapid land use transformations since independence to date leading to land cover changes. This in turn compromises the natural resource base, hence, the need to monitor and avail reliable data for decision making on sustainable land use. The research objectives were two-fold: to determine the probable driving forces of land use that results in land cover changes in Lake Naivasha drainage basin and; to establish and map the magnitude, rates, nature and spatial distribution of the land cover changes that had occurred in the area.