. A Son, Survey Of The East Konyango Area South Nyanza Province Kenya

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Ministry Of Agriculture
The East Konyango Soil Survey, comprising 99,206 acres, is located in south Nyanza Province. The northern boundary follows the Rangwe-Mirogi r06_d west to Imbo, From Imbo to Rodi the boundary parallels the road about t mile to the north west of it. From there it runs straight west for 7t miles [tlld then turns southwest and follows an old road on top of the Lambwe valley escarpment back to the ms_in Mirogi-Lambwe valley road. The western boundary fo110Hs this road south to Mirogi 1Hhere it turns west and follows the Mirogi-Karungu road to the Nthiwa river. The Nthiwa river, south to the Kuja river, forms the remainder of the western boundary. The eastern boundary follows the Rangwe-Rongo road south of Rangv7e for approximately 21 miles, and then turns 1 mile east and parallels this road south to the Hisathe river. The southern boundary follows the }!Iisathe river to the jU1ctiol1 with the Riana river v/here it turns due south to the Kuja river. The Kuja river, pack to the Nthiv,Ta river, makes up the remainder of the southern bOlli1dary