KARI Annual Report 1991

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Ministry of Agriculture
In 1991, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARl) prioritized it's research into the following four broad programmes: --: Soil and water management Research This comprised factor programmes on Soil Conservation, Soil and Land Resources Surveys and Investigations, Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition, Irrigation and Drainage and Agricultural Engineering. Crops Research This includes commodity programmes on Food and Industrial crops, related factors in diseases and pest management Livestock Research this is mainly commodity programmes on Animal production, Animal Health, and Range management as they affect Livestock production. Socio-Economic Research This comprise establishment of reliable data for planning, programmes formulation and technology transfer and incorporation of socio-economic farmer considerations in adaptive research. The above priorization was based on KARl's mandate to carry out research in Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences and embraced the Government's stated research priorities. To supplement its research budget, KARl continued to established more collaborative activities with other institutions undertaking agricultural research. It is gratifying that most of the programmes continued uninterrupted and the year's achievements is reported here. I am grateful KARl scientists, the donor community and the Government who all played various roles in supporting KARl's activities for the year.