A Preliminary Account of the Vegetation of the Mbeya Range Tanganyika

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Kerfoot O.
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The Mbeya Range is a well-defined physio graphic unit bounded by rift fault scarps on its western and eastern edges and separated from the Poroto Mountains in the south-east by a deep erosion valley or "saddle". It is one of the relatively small but isolated links in the mountain chain of plant migration which extends from Saudi Arabia. Through Ethiopia and eastern Africa to the Cape Province (Goodier and Phipps. 1961. Kerfoot. 1963). Many links in this chain are still imperfectly known and until intensive investigation of the more remote massifs is concluded the apparent anomalies in the origin and distribution of the montane flora of eastern Africa will remain unresolved. The inauguration of land-use studies in the Mbeya Range gave the author a unique opportunity for investigating the vegetation of a complex environment; detailed soil analyses and the establishment of a fully equipped meteorological station with field coverage over a wide range of altitude. Have enhanced the validity of the accumulated data (pereira et al 1962).
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, p. 191-205