East African Trypanosomiasis Research Organization Report 1967

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East African Trypanosomiasis Research Organization
THE East African Trypanosomiasis Research Organization continued its activities on research into various aspects of human and animal trypanosomiasis during the year 1967. The number of projects investigated compared with that of the previous year was slightly less owing to the loss, during the year, of a number of scientific and technical staff who left the Organization either on retirement or because of inability to accept new contracts. The standard of work has, however,n been maintained and good progress was made in a number of fields, particularly in the study of the immunology of cattle trypanosomiasis. Recruitment to replace the staff that was lost was not possible during the year but it is hoped to fill these vacancies some time in 1968. In this report the Director wishes to record the great loss EATRO suffered by the retirement of Mr. M.P. Cunningham,Principal Veterinary Research Officer, who had worked in this Organization continuously for the past 8 years. His contributions to progress in animal trypanosomiasis research were quite outstanding. During the year a number ofchanges were proposed by the Administration concerning the recruitment of expatriates and it is hoped that these changes may have a beneficial effect in attracting overseas staff for posts which cannot be filled locallly.