Review of Kenyan Agricultural Research Vol. 28 Trees and Forestry

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Nyamai D.O
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Nyamai D.O
As always, it would be impossible to mention everyone who has contributed to the success of the project. However I would particularly like to thank the Project Manager in Kenya, Dr. A.M. Mailu, Deputy Director (Crops) of the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute who has provided guidance to the project and help in overcoming logistical problems, especially in looking for staff to compile and manage the database. I would like personally to thank all those past and present members of the database unit who have helped with the compilation and management of the database, especially the information officers: Ms Angela Kabiru, Mr John Lugovane, Ms Mary Gachihi, Mrs Jane Iriri, Ms Jacinta Kimwaki, Ms Irene Onyancha and Ms Vivien Ndhoha, and the data entry clerks: Mrs Pauline Mburu, Mrs Hannah Mwauro, Mrs Margaret Wambale, Mrs Lydia Kibira and (occasionally) Mrs Philomena Kaudo and Mr Peterson Ndirangu. I should also like to thank all the scientists who wrote abstracts for the database, the editors who corrected them and the scientists who have written reviews in the series.