Nars Maize Research Station Annual Report 1972

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
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Ministry of Agriculture
In general the year 1972 turned out to be the best year, though the season came later than usual in Western Kenya where most of Kenya maize is grown. It was a year that many farmers will not forget in that Maize and Produce Board literary had no more space to store the 1972 crop. Most of the crop was turned down by the board due to their unacceptable level of moisture and this does not affect the follmving year's production. The problem of high moisture level at the time of delivery is mainly the result of the fact that many farmers in the country do not have storage facilities in their farms and because of this they count on harvesting when it is dry and sun dry the crop but unfortunately the dry period for harvesting was not there as it kept on raining up to the end of December. On one hand this 1IiaS good because the season that would have been shorter had the rain stopped at the usual time,kept on and this was one reason for last year's bumper crop.