A Study of East Coast Fever Immunisation Delivery in Coast Province, Kenya

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National Veterinary Research Centre
Interviews with sixteen Government of Kenya (GoK) and private veterinarians working in Kili1i and Mombasa districts of Coast Province were undertaken to assess their level of interest in promoting East Coast fever (ECF) immunisation. Twelve veterinarians were undertaking farm animal clinical work, and were on average the veterinarians making 7 farm visits per week. Most or the veterinarians interviewed expressed a reasonably high level or interest in delivering the vaccine. However, they had a number of concerns about the technology. Private veterinarians were mainly concerned about efficacy, and the impact suspected cases or ECF in immunised cattle might have on their reputation. GoK veterinarians felt that they could only deliver the vaccine if they were provided with transport and liquid nitrogen canisters. There are aspects of the teclmology, such as the number of doses per straw, dilution of the stabilate and the short half life of diluted stabilate, that were considered minor constraints. There was a general consensus that the Department of Veterinary Services must be seen to be actively promoting the technology. It was generally agreed that the veterinarians would be more willing to deliver the technology if it was marketed and advertised by a commercial company. In addition they felt recruitment of fanners would be considerably Jacilitated by the production of extension inlonnation. In pmticular inli.mllation on aemkide usage following immunisation was requested.