Fertilizer Responses under Mixed Cropping In Nsukka, Nigeria

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Ekpeter, D.M.
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Two sets of three fertilizer formulae, 10:24:3, 15:15:15, 10:10:20 and 9:28:9,15: 15: 15, 10: 10: 20, were respectively applied to two mixed crop cultures of yam-maize-okra, and cassava-maize-okra at 0, 250, 500, 750 and 1,000 kg fertilizer per ha. After harvesting the main crops, the residual effects of the fertilizers were tested with a sole crop of maize in an Nsukka oxisol. It was found that when 10 in yields of the yam and cassava compared with their sole crops were not compensated for by intercrop yields at low fertilizer levels.When 15: 15: 15 and 10: 10: 20 were applied the corresponding drops in yam and cassava yields were more than compensated for by the intercrops. While 10: 24: 3 and 9: 28 : 9 left no significant residues in the soil, the 15: 15: 15 and 10: 10: 20 left significant residual effects following yam interplanted with maize and okra.With 15:15:15 and 10:10:20, mixed cropping was more profitable than sole cropping of yam and cassava while mixed cropping yielded less profit than the sole crops when 10 : 24 : 3 and 9: 28 : 9 were applied. These results call for fertilizer recommendations to be made for mixed rather than sole crops in developing countries where mixed cropping is widely practised.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 42 (1), pp. 18-27