Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletins May 1957

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It was a great pleasure for me to accept the invitation to visit and exchange "coffee talk" with you during this, my first visit to Africa in many years.As spokesman for the coffee industry of the United States,I should begin by telling you precisely what the National Coffee Association of the United States of America is.We are a trade association comprised principally of importers and roasters whose volume represents about 95 per cent of the entire U.S. coffee industry. Our present Association was derived from two earlier groups,the first of which began its services to the coffee industry 46 years ago. Our objects and purposes are chiefly these:To create and promote sound business relations,mutual understanding and good will among all engaged in any branch of the coffee industry; to promote the use and consumption of coffee; and to co-operate with other trade groups and governmental agencies, both foreign and domestic,in the determination and enforcement of rules, laws and projects for improving and stabilizing the conditions under which the industry renders service to the public.
Bulletin, pp. 113-144