The Effects Of Trypanosoma Vivax On Pregnancy In Boran Cattle

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George Omondi O
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George Omondi O
I wish to express my sincere thanks to my supervisors. Drs E 0 Watson and A G Luckins of the University of Edinburgh and Prof. 0 W Makawiti of the University of Nairobi for support. gUidance and open criticism durtng this study and in the preparation of the text. My gratitude to Dr. G R Scott for his advice on statistics. I would like to honour the late Prof. S Gombe who had agreed to supervise and avail laboratory facilities for this work. Sadly. he never lived to see the start of this work. and may The Almighty God rest his soul in eternal peace. I also wish to honour my former principal supervisor. Dr. C 0 Munro for his interest and gUidance prior to his resignation from the University. I wish him well In his private practice in Northumberland. Dr. A R Njogu. my former local supervisor retired from Kenya Trypanosomiasis Research Institute (KETRI) shortly after the start of this work. His interests and support is acknowledged. and I wish him a happy retirement life. In this respect. I sincerely thank Dr. E 0 Watson and Prof. 0 W Makawiti for accepting to supervise this work thereafter. Dr. R B Dolan's continuous support. critical comments and guidance while wrtting the chapter on field studies. is highly acknowledged. I am indebted to Dr. P Stevenson for his continuous support while at KETRI.