Notes from the East African Herbarium: XIII

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Verdcourt B.
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During a recent safari through the Lake Province of Tanganyika I became convinced that the above plant with narrow bracts and sepals was worthy of subspecific recognition. In the MS. of the 'Flora of Tropical East Mrica' I had considered it to be merely a minor variant, but the differences in the size of the bracts and the indumentum and the general appearance in the field indicate the course taken here; indeed many would probably afford it specific rank but there are intermediate forms which are difficult to place. The Uganda specimens cited below are of forms which require much more study since some of them are close to subsp. megaensis; far more material is needed to investigate their true status. I have already made some comments about the variation in this species in Webbia 13: 325 (1958).
Bulletin, 15 (3), p. 444-445