Notes on the Hides and Skins Industry Part II

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French M.H
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Since the monetary value of the hides and skins industry is determined by the quality of these raw materials, for leather-making purposes, in relation to the value of other sources of the world's supply, it is well to know from what defects East African hides and skins sutler and how these defects arise so that widespread efforts can be made to eradicate the causes and minimize the damage so far as possible. When it is realized that hides and skins are damaged whilst still parts of living animals as well as by the conditions to which they are exposed before, during and after removal from carcasses, it might be thought that the task of improvement is too big or too difficult Fortunately this is not true because most of the defects and damages could be avoided, and a general appreciation of this important point would do much towards achieving the quality improvement so necessary for the continued prosperity of the industry. It is also true that thz greater proportion of the avoidable damage is done during the flaying, fleshing, cleaning, drying and storing of hides and skins, and at least £100,000 are lost annually to East Africa because of carelessness in or ignorance of the correct. methods of preparation. Serious though this is, it points the way for effecting improvement in quality and obtaining the quickest financial return for energies expended, namely, education and instruction in the correct methods of preparation followed by a system of marketing which ensures th~t payment of producers shall always be proportionate to the qU3.lity of their products.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XII (1), p. 31-39