The Chemical Composition of Some Leguminous Plants Grown In the Herbage Nursery at Kitale, Kenya

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Bogdan, A.V
Dougall, H.W
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The chemical composition of some species of Crotalaria. Desmodium. Dolichos.Indigofera. Medicago. Mimosa. Vicia andVigna was studied in 1961. The legumes examined were under test to assess their values grazing, fodder, browse or green-manure crops and they were analyzed for crude protein, ether extractives, crude fibre, N-free extractives, ash, silica, calcium and phosphorus. The herbage acquired for analysis was usually sampled at the stage of growth at which the plants would normally be utilized. This was mainly at the early flowering or full flowering stage or, in the case of some of the green manure plants, at a vegetative stage of growth just prior to flowering. For all plants, Kitale (Kl introduction numbers are indicated and whenever available, the number under which some of the plants were cultivated in the country of their immediate origin is also given. Details of species and chemical composition are given in Table T.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXII (No 1), p. 45-49