Contributions to the Arboreal Flora of Israel Juniperus Oxycedrus L.

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Kerfoot O.
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Juniperus oxycedrus L. (J. rujescens Link, J. cedrus Webb and Berthelot). A compact bush or small tree up to a few metres high. Bark smooth, reddish brown. Branches angled. Leaves light green, oval shaped, in alternative whorls of three; spreading, narrow, 1.2-2 cm. long by 1-2 rom. broad, tapering to an acuminate point, swollen and joined at the base, margin entire upper surface with a narrow green midrib, on each side of which is a white stomatic band equal in width to the marginal band; lower surface green, convex and keeled. Dioecious. Male flowers solitary in leaf exiles, sessile, 2-3 in each Whorl, consisting of short ovoid catkins about 5 mm. long. Fruit (berry) solitary in the leaf axils, on short stalk 1-2 mm. long, shining reddish-brown globose when ripe, sometimes glaucous, usually 6-8 mm. in diameter but very variable, composed of 3-6 fleshy scales each with a minute angular protuberance. Seeds normally three, reddish brown, oblong, triangular ridged, with two resin glands at the base.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 14 (2)