Mechanical Composition of East African Soils

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Milne G.
Caiton W. E.
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The object of the present paper is to review some of, the data on East African soils which have accumulated at Amani in the past few years. The soils discussed include type samples collected on various traverses and reconnaissances, the study of which led to the production of a Provisional Soil Map of East Africa in 1935. The memoir accompanying this map indicated that detailed accounts of the main soil types would be published later. For various reasons it had not been possible to do this, except incidentally in reports and papers mainly of local interest, and now, following the tragically sudden death of the senior author, much knowledge of East African soils is lost. In this, and subsequent papers which are projected, it is hoped to show some of the basic properties of East African soils and the lines along which soil investigation was developing
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 8, p. 202-208