Kenya Coffee Mealy Bug Research

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The Common Coffee Mealy Bug (Pseudococcus kenyae Le Pelley) is still a major burden on the coffee industry of the Central Province of Kenya on account of the loss of crop that it occasions and the cost of control measures. It has, with one or two exceptions, penetrated wherever coffee is grown in the Central Province, and it is expected that it will eventually reach some of those areas not yet affected. It is also a severe pest of native crops in the area referred to above. Yams, pigeon peas, cotton, sweet potatoes and beans are the principal crops attacked. The cultivation of yams has ceased in some parts of the reserves on account of the attack of this mealy bug and the same insect ranks as one of the worst pests of cotton, a new crop in this area. The mealy bug has been gradually spreading through the native reserves and a considerable area is now affected. There is a further large area of the reserve into which its ultimate spread is extremely likely. .
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, III (No 6), p. 411-422