MOA-NAL Fertilizer Use Recommendation Final Report Volume 29 Kilifi District 1987

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Ministry Of Agriculture
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Ministry Of Agriculture
The average annual rainfall increases slightly from the coast, which has 900-1000 mm, to more than 1100 mm around Gede and East of Kaloleni. It seems that increased precipitation occurs due to the effects on air-masses from the sea of the tall forest of Gede and the coastal hills (see JATZOLD, 1978)1). There is less rain in the Kilifi depression, the Rare Valley, and in the depression between the first range of the coastal hills and the second larger one. In the rain shadow of this second range, the Kaloleni Hills, there is a sharp decrease in precipitation. In general, the rainfall tends to decrease markedly eastwards from the maximum zone with a few exceptions on other hills or ridges such as the Mangea Hill (300 - 520 m altitude), or on the Bamba Uplift (310 m). There is another decrease in precipitation North of Malindi which is difficult to explain.