Modelling Actual Evapotranspiration and Drainage in Clay Soils under Commercial Crops

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Kamau D.K
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Kamau D.K
In a two - year study 1997 and 1998, the soil water content of clay soils under two commercia,l crops was monitored under normal conditions in East Anglia. The study had three objectives. First, to investigate whether the subsoil water reserves can be exploited by the farmers to increase crop production; second, to investigate whether soil morphological data serve as a good source for modelling the soil water supply - demand and, third to integrate soil water supply with conventional atmospheric water demand models. A free soil survey was done and six soil series were identified. Ten profile sites, four in 1997 and six in 1998 were dug, described and installed with soil water monitoring waveguide probes. Four sites were monitored for soil water potentials at two depths. Rainfall was monitored at three stations. Soil water content was monitored at four depths. The soil water data were collected over successful seven - day periods during the growing season. Four sites were under sugar beet and six under winter wheat. Weather data from Easton Agricultural College and Morley Research Station were also provided.