Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletins January 1979

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Waikwa, J. W.
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Up to now, no investigation has been made to establish the coffee berry age preferred for oviposition by fruitflies. Such information could be important in planning strategies for control programmes of the fruitflies. Martin (1950) showed that the attractiveness of fruits to ovipositing C. capitata females varied with different fruits. Citrus fruits were not attractive until the first few fruits had ripened.The studies reported here were made at Ruiru Coffee Research Station to determine the age group of coffee berries preferred for oviposition by C. capitala.The coffee age-groups were categorised as follows :immature green berries,mature green berries, mature green-yellow berries,mature yellow-red berries and mature red berries.Both laboratory and field experiments were used. Observations were also made on the actual activities of the female C. capilala leading to oviposition and during the act of oviposition to ascertain any behavioural peculiarities in the fly.It was hoped that such knowledge would provide additional information on the causes of premature coffee berry-drop in the various age groups.
Monthly Bulletin, 44 (514)