A Table of Estimates of Nutritive Values Of Ruminant Feeds

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Glover J.
Duthie D.W
Dougall H.W
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In Europe And America Knowledge Of The Nutritive Value Of Animal Feeds Has Been Accumulating Gradually For The Past Century Or More And It Is Therefore An Easy Matter For The Modern Farmer In Those Regions To Consult A Reference Book For Information On Any Normal Feed. This Is Not Possible In East Africa For Apart From The Pioneer Work Of French [1], Todd [2] And Rogerson [3] There Is No Information About Our Local Feeding Stuffs. Moreover It Is No Consolation for the Local Farmer to Know That by the Conventional Processes He Will Be Obliged To Wait For Several Decades Before The Results Of Time-Consuming And Costly Digestibility Trials Become Available. Attention Was Drawn To This Unfortunate Situation In 1949 When The Following Recommendation Was Put Forward At A Specialist Conference In Agriculture, Plant And Animal Nutrition Held In Australia [4], ". . . That Research Should Be Intensified Aiming At a Method or Methods of Feed Description from Which Useful Estimates of Their Digestible Energy and Protein Contents May Be Made Without The Necessity for Actual Digestion Trials of Specific Samples of Feedstuffs".
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXVI (2), p. 117-118