A new species of Erythrophysa E. Mey. ex Arn. (Sapindaceae) from Ethiopia

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Verdcourt B.
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The new plant described below was first discovered in the Ogaden, Ethiopia, on 16 October 1954 by Mr C. F. Hemming of the Desert Locust Survey, Nairobi. The material available for collection was in a poor state, there being only twigs bearing ripe fruits remaining from the previous season. Four days later, Mr P. R. O. Bally, who was also journeying in the same territory (quite independently and unbeknown to Mr Hemming), collected the same species. His specimen is also inadequate, though showing very young leaves, flowers and young fruit and also fruits from the previous season. Nothing could be done about this material except to put the specimens in the folders at the end of the Sapindaceae, to which family it obviously belonged. It was referred to as 'the Chinese Lantern plant' and efforts were made to obtain more material. Mr Hemming obtained excellent material during a further journey to the Ogaden in 1958 and this enabled the affinities of the plant to be investigated and a complete description to be drawn up.
Bulletin, 58 (372), p. 201-205