Lake Rudolf Fishmeal. Chick and Pic Tests Of A Sample From Cithari Nus Citharus

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Laksesvela, B.
Bergh, H.
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Fish potential.-A F.A.O. report (Rhodes. 1966) indicated that 50-160,000 tons of fish could be harvested annually from Lake Rudolf in northern Kenya without over reducing the stock. No survey has so far been carried out to decide the total number of species in the lake and their relative proportions in the total population. The following figures are an estimate based on results of practical fishing over the last 10 years: Citharinus citharus 50 per cent, Distichodus niloticus 20 per cent, Lates niloticus (Nile Perch) 5 per cent, Tilapia nilotica 5 per cent and other species 20 per cent. Citharinus was chosen as raw material for the fishmeal experiments. A few years ago this fish was regarded as being of little use and unsaleable, but during the last two years the fishermen's co-operative at Lake Rudolf has established a good market for salted and dried Citharinus and Distichodus. The sale of these products in 1969 represented about 3,000 tons of raw fish landed at Lake Rudolf. This is a small proportion of the estimated potential of the lake, and fish meal production, based on whole fish, would seem to be a practical proposition. In future, waste from the production of fish products for human consumption may well be the main source of raw material for meal, but whole fish may also be used for this purpose.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 37 (1), p. 38-45