Experiments on Cotton Using D.D.T. Miscible Liquids In Eastern Uganda In The Period 1959-1963

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Davies, J. C.
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Trials conducted at two sites, Serere and Ikulwe, in the Eastern Region of Uganda on the effect of planting date and spraying on cotton yields are described. At Serere it was clearly demonstrated that a mid-May planting date gave far superior yields to cotton planted in June and July. The fall-off in yield was linear. Spraying at a dosage of 1 lb. of D.D.T. active ingredient applied four times at lO-day intervals gave a highly significant increase in yield, on all planting dates. No significant differences could be demonstrated between three commencement dates, but an early commencement date for June-planted cotton gave poorer yields. Returns from spraying as actual lb. seed cotton per acre increase were very similar at all three planting dates. At Ikulwe early planting again gave the best yields, but ,the overall average yield was far lower than at Serere. Spraying gave overall disappointing returns in the area, but May-planted cotton sprayed four times at lO-day intervals commencing six weeks from planting gave a significant and economic return. Further work on the pest complex in the area is required.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 29 (4), p. 343-346