The CIimatic Background t the Problem of Potato Varieties for ast Africa

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Moreau R.E
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A general impression has recently been stated in somewhat exaggerated form Driver (1941): "It has always been difficult, if Not impossible to grow potatoes in tropical counties . It IS true that at low latitude potato-growing is local arid there is general dis satisfaction with yields. Especially because the potential value of the potato as a native food-crop, there is a movement to try to extend the areas in which potatoes are grown in East Africa and to improve yields by importing, Selecting and breeding varieties that are better adapted. It seems, therefore, appropriate to: examine the present production and the prospects of improvement in relation to certain climatic factors that are regarded as of cardinal importance to potato yields. So far as possible this inquiry is concerned with the direct physiological effects of climate on the potato. No one can afford to neglect the disease problems; but they tend to be world-wide, rather than peculiarly tropical, and to that extent do not demand special attention from us here.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, IX (3), p. 127-135