Intensive Grazing on Kenya Veld

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During the same period in which the experiments described by Hall and others in the S.A. Journal of Science (see References) were running in the Union of South Africa and Southern Rhodesia, others were started in Kenya, also with the object of determining the effect of fertilizers and rotational grazing on veld with reference to its production and stability. * Of the two that were started in 1930-31 none yielded any data. Ill-health of the co-operator in one case and serious and continuous locust depradations in the other eliminated both experiments. Late in 1932 Allen was successful in finding as a co-operator Mr. J. F. Lipscomb, M'Tarakwa, P.O. Naivasha. Although locusts grazed the first rotation most successfully and two droughty years followed, Mr. Lipscomb never wavered but has proved a prince of co-operators. Without his keenness, efficiency, attention to detail, power of observation of a high standard, and regular records. we should not have these most interesting results to report, results thaJ should help his brother farmers very materially.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, IV (No 3), p. 165-182