Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletins August 1962

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As one of your largest customers and in particular as buyers of the better qualities of Kenya Coffee for shipment to Germany,may we say how very worried we are by the continuing decline in the quality of " Kenyas".This is markedly noticeable in the European grown coffees,which are now very largely characterless other than for a most unpleasant bitter flavour,and even the African-grown coffees are no longer what they were.The really fine liquoring coffees would seem to be a thing of the past and if apparently high prices are still paid for some lots,it is a question of there being a lack of anything better,and who could say whether even higher prices might not be paid for genuine top qualities? Admittedly it is still early to judge the present crop,although indications are not encouraging.Furthermore,weather conditions in recent years have been far from favourable,to say the least, but in our opinion the weather is only a contributory factor. Our overwhelming impression is of the tendency to sacrifice quality for quantity. As your customers, we want quality not quantity and as observers of the coffee scene, we believe that Kenya must maintain her preeminent position as the producer of the world's finest coffee if she and her planters are to survive profitably.