A System Of Composting Farm And Village Waste

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Wilson, F.B.
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There is no doubt that at present a great deal of home, village, and town refuse goes to waste in East Africa. Much cattle urine is also lost. This note describes a simple system of composting whereby all waste materials can be converted into one of the most valuable crop fertilizers. The system described is applicable where fairly large quantities of waste are available. It is not suitable for the small man in his back garden, but if he has a covered cattle pen he could not do better than throw all his waste' trash beneath the feet of his cattle. With the increase of population in East Africa and the decrease in soil fertility, the problem of conserving every possible source of plant and animal food is a matter of urgent concern. The composting of town, village, and farm refuse is but one aspect of the general problem of conservation; it is one, however, to which greater attention is warranted. It is hoped that this note will induce others to explore the· possibilities of composting under various conditions and to resurrect the practice where, owing to unsuitable methods, it has declined.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 14, pp. 82-85