Grain and Mulch Production from Maize in Coffee Growing Areas of Kenya

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Kimeu, B.S.
Kabaara, A.M.
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In the maize experiment carried out over 1966 and 1967 at the Coffee Research Station,Ruiru, the yields of grain and stover were affected by variety, plant population, fertilizer level, seasonal rainfall, but not by the spatial arrangement of the plants. Increasing the fertilizer level from 56 kg P + 79.2 kg N per hectare to 84 kg P + 135.2 kg N per hectare produced a yield increase of 6.9 quintals per hectare grain, and 1.5 tonnes per hectare stover. Higher plant population (increase from 47,839 plants per hectare to 53,818 plants per hectare) was beneficial to grain yield in a wet year, but the benefit in stover yield was negligible. A specially selected hybrid (H. 612 or 613B) performed better than a local unimproved variety in all respects. Seasonal rainfall played a decisive role in controlling responses to all the factors. Both varieties produced the highest yields of stover at the highest population (71,758 plants per hectare) in a dry year, but in a wet year only the hybrid responded to population increase
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal, XXXVIII (4), pp. 334-342