East African Trypanosomiasis Research Organization.

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East African Agriculture and Forestry Research Organization
Much of the re-organization projected in the 1954-55 Report has been accomplished. The Headquarters of the. Organization were transferred from Nairobi to the Trypanosomiasis Research Laboratory at Tororo, Uganda, on 28th. March, 1956. The title of the Organization has been changed to that shown above, although it is understood that for legal purposes the old title of E.A. Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Research and Reclamation Organization has to be retained pending changes in the Order-in-Council relating to the Constitution of the East Africa High Commission. The third item in the re-organization of E.A.T.R.O., the formation of a Research Coordinating Committee, has now received the approval of the three territorial Governments. This Committee will, in the first place, report both to the E.A. Agricultural and Fisheries Research Council and to the E.A. Council for Medical Research. This is because the Organization's research activities, dealing with both veterinary and human trypanosomiasis, necessarily come within the purview of both Councils. This final move to bring E.A.T.R.O. under Council supervision will be accomplished in the next year and will then place the Organization upon the same administrative basis as the other High Commission Research Organizations.