Cashew Production in the Southern Province Of Tanganyika.

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Northwood, P. J
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Large areas of the Southern Province are highly suitable for cashew production and judging from the limited information which is available, yield figures compare very favourably with those of other countries. As regards rainfall, all the areas discussed have sufficient for good production. There is a danger that dry season storms during the flowering and fruit-settling period will reduce yields, but fortunately these are not common. It is considered that soil type is the chief limiting factor for production rather than rainfall or altitude. There are, however, large areas of well-drained sandy and loamy soils suitable for cashew in all the areas discussed on which planting could be increased. The tree grows best on soils which are not too sandy. When one considers that individual four or five year old trees can yield 25-35 lb. of nuts, it should be possible with the conditions pertaining in the Southern Province to eventually raise production to 1,500-2,000 lb. per acre, when suitable material has been selected.
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal, 28, pp. 35-39