Under-Sowing As a Means of Establishing The Ley in Western Kenya

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Goldson J.R
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Considerable attention has been given recently in Kenya to the establishment and management of grass leys. This focus of attention has developed as the importance of the dairying industry in the agricultural economy of the country has been fully realized. Although the improvement of natural pastures will remain as the main avenue of advance to increased animal production in the extensive farming areas, sown leys will become of increasing importance in the areas of high farming potential. These areas of high potential in Western Kenya are characterized by a large rural population based on small family farms on which the prime project is the production of food crops for home consumption. It is in these areas that dairying as a cash enterprise is being developed and the introduction of grade cattle is gathering momentum, together with the accompanying demand for knowledge on the establishment and management of pastures and fodder crops.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXII (3), p. 274-281