Desert Locust Control O EA 3rd Annual Report July 1964 - June 1965

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Desert Locust Control Organization for Eastern Africa
The third annual report of DLCO-EA is written against the background of the continued recession of the Desert Locust plague not only in Eastern Africa but also throughout the entire range of the distribution of this species. It is now two years, the first since 1939, since the Desert Locust has not been a cause of concern to one or more countries. The opportunity which this prolonged recession presents for securing a permanent solution to the Desert Locust problem, as envisaged by the Twelfth Session of the FAO Technical Advisory Committee meeting in Rome in January, 1964, has been fully appreciated by the DLCO-EA Council who, at their several sessions during the current year, directed the policy of the Organization so that it could play its full part in joint international action through F AO so as to maintain Desert Locust numbers at their present low level. The current Report describes how the faith of the Council in the success of the FAO endeavors to secure a lasting solution to the Desert Locust problem by international co-operation in the application of modern techniques for Desert Locust control, led to finalising an Agreement to re-establish DLCO-EA within the framework of FAO, to signing an Agreement with the USA Agency for International Development to strengthen DLCO-EA's offensive role and to a re-orientation of the policy of the Organization to serve the wider agricultural interests of the Contracting Governments.