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Ministry of Agriculture
The Kenya Soil Survey (KSS) is a section of the National Agricultural Research Laboratories (NARL) under the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARl). The section consists of four units, which are the Administrative Unit (AU), Natural Resource Unit (NRU), Laboratory Unit (LU) and Information Unit (lU). Each unit is under a coordinator who reports to the Head Kenya Soil Survey. The units work for a better Natural Resource Management to the different clients who seek our services. The section thus performs the following:- • Making an inventory of information about soils, and, environment and their inter-relationship with agricultural production and natural resource management. • Providing services of soil survey and other land resources for specific or alternative purpose (s) of development, natural resource management or research on request. • Carrying out research on the most effective methods of collecting and presenting soils information and research on the characteristics of the main soils and environmental conditions. • Marketing the various services and products through exhibitions, field visits, newspapers and electronic media among others.