Report' On Discussion on Fertilizer Experiments in East Africa'

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In reviewing the field experiments which had been carried out by the Department of Agriculture, Uganda, during the past three years, Dr. O. Griffith said that the results had shown clearly the variability of response to phosphate fertilizers. Uganda rock, soda-phosphate, and double superphosphate. These experiments had been successfully carried out in modern statistical design, but no conclusions could be drawn from the results and many factors such as time and method of application, would have to be studied for each type of phosphate before clear-cut results could be expected. The most encouraging response had been obtained with double super on sorghum, which gave a32 per cent increase in yield. A highly significant height response bad been obtained with Uganda rock phosphate on cotton in 1947, but this response was not reflected in yield. Although the difference between broadcasting and placing phosphate were not statistically silll1ificant, there was a fairly definite indication that broadcasting gave better results than placing.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 15, p. 61-68