KARI-ETC-LEI Insmap Report NO.KE 02 2002 - Integrated Nutrient Management to Attain Sustainable Productivity Increases in East African Farming Systems

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
This report presents findings of a visit to Farmer Field Schools (FFS) in Western Province of Kenya. The visit, which was undertaken within INMSAP project, lasted four days and covered the period 15th_18th January 2002. The objectives of INMSAP are: • To develop an institutional sustainable approach of identifying, testing, monitoring and evaluation of farm or catchment level technologies addressing soil nutrient management constraints using principles and institutional aspects of Farmer Field Schools Approach. • To develop and test a quick and efficient tool to diagnose productivity and sustainability of farming systems in East Africa focussing on soil nutrient management and combining quantitative and participative qualitative approaches. • To generate appropriate and effective technologies to address problems of soil nutrient depletion aimed at a long-term increase of productivity and profitability of farming systems in East Africa. • To develop a participative policy formulation process involving researchers, extensionists and district policy makers aiming at formulating appropriate district policy recommendations and policy instruments to address soil nutrient depletion leading to a sustainable increase in productivity of farming systems in East Africa.