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Kenya Trypanosomiasis Research Institute
An excellent book on the biology of trypanosomes and leishmania of man and animals is thoroughly recommended, not only for its attempt to bridge the gap between standard textbooks (of parasitology and tropical medicllle) and the voluminous research texts but also for Its very readable style and obvious enthusiasm of the authors (MOL YNEUX and ASHFORD, 1516*)t. Also a substantially revised fifth edition of Basic clinical parasitology (BROWN and NEVA, 645) and a second edition of the Atlas of human parasitology (ASH and ORIHEL, 2399), covering various aspects of both Salivaria and Stercoraria, are now available. Considerable work on human trypanosomiasis in the People's Republic of the Congo has been carried out in recent years and Frezil (2778) has provided a valuable summary of results achieved. His book covers the geography and the history of the disease, tsetse flies, surveillance and diagnosis, the disease in man, Trypanosoma brucei gambiense infections in animals, epidemiology, treatment and post-treatment surveillance, and tsetse control. Frezil ends with the encouraging conclusion that knowledge and techniques are already sufficiently advanced to allow the eradication of the disease from the Congo and his book IS thoroughly recommended.