Metabolism of Nitrogen in Boran And In Hereford-Boran Crossbred Steers

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Karue C.N
Evans J.L
Tillman A.D
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IN Trial 1, Six 18-Month-Old Boran Steers Were Paired By Weight To Six 12-Month-Old;Y,J: Hereford, Y,;: Boran Crossbre~ (HBC) Steers And Fed A Low-Protein Hay III A Comparative Digestibility Trial Over A ~ 8-Day Period. No Supplementary Energy Or M.Trogen (N) Was Provided, But Adequate Ml,Nerals And Vitamins Were Supplied. Voluntary Mtake of Dry Matter (DMI) Was 231)'0 Higher (P< .01) For the Boran than For the HBC. The Coefficients Of Digestibility Of DM, Energy And N As Well As The Percent Retained N In The T~O Breeds Were Similar. The Main Differences in the Protein Metabolism between the Bora? And The HBC Were the Higher (P<.OS) Urinary (UN) And Five Times More (P<.OI) Urinary Urea N (UUN) Loss in the Boran As Compared To the HBC. The UN Of The Boran And The HBC Contained 47 And 12% UUN, Respectively, Indicating An Increase In The Cycling Of Urea In The HBC On 7% Protem Hay.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 35 (5), p. 1025-1030